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Outstanding Features

This is just an example of what you can do with The Game Network

Pending and Completed

Keep track of the games you want to play and the ones you have already completed.

Game Rating

Enjoy rating for all the games from a wide database. Find your favorites filtering by rating.

Detailed content

Discover all the details about a game, including storyline, genres, themes, and much more.

Videos and photos

Enjoy game trailers, gameplay videos and high quality in-game captures on fullscreen.

Official release dates

Be up to date about all the upcoming releases. Don't miss any important release.

Gameplay hours

Find the average amount of time players use to complete a game. Divided on three different speed levels.

Why us ?

We love app development, and we are players too. The result of that is an application focused on player's interests, user feedback recopilation, and new feature integrations almost every week!

  • Knowledge about what gamers and casual players want
  • Feature roadmap based on users feedback
  • Tons of features under development
  • Highly rated on Google Play


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